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1 year ago

The thing that you left stunned in the course of your program?

The thing that leaves me perplexed every time you see that these girls don't even realize the disaster. Living in a world where almost denies the appearance, goes into the background. And surprise when someone tells them who dress badly, which can improve their appearance and highlight the talents they have. Their naivety towards the issue of look surprised. We do not want to talk about the unashamedly fashion, simply want to give tips to improve. Must not of course all become fashion victims and go buy the latest model of who knows what a stylist or slavishly follow the dictates of the international fashion system. We simply want to say: what are your skills? What are your strengths? How is your physicality? What kind of skin do you have? We work on this, we try to take care and take a look that is in keeping with the lifestyle and the physical conformation, nothing more. at